Western Union

You can't pay successfully through PayPal. If that happens, please choose Western Union to pay. By this method, you do not need to pay immediately. Instead, you should finish placing your order, and contact us at bluevapershop@gmail.com asking for our account details, then go to the local western union outlet to remit the money to our account.

After finishing your payment, please email us the following information at tintingtool@gmail.com:
1) Sender’s full first name:
2) Sender’s full last name:
3) The exact amount you sent:
4) MTCN code for your payment:
5) Your order number on our site:
6) Your shipping address:

With all the providing information listed above we can withdraw your money from the bank. Once receiving your money, your order will be shipped within 3 working days and your tracking number will be emailed to you.