International Shipping & Delivery FAQ

Q: How long does it take to get an international order?

A: We work very hard on getting all packages out within 1 business day. However, there may be certain situations beyond our control which may delay your package from being sent out on time. Once your package is shipped out, it may take up to 5-20 business days to receive your international order. Factors beyond our control are how quickly your package passes through the postal customs system.

Q:  My tracking number is not working?
A: We use the post office for a majority of our shipments and they have an interesting tracking system. We consider their tracking system more of a delivery confirmation, which will always show when the package has been delivered. But to actually see where your package is, will depend on if the post office: 1. Scanned the package into the system from the start and 2. How often they scan the package thereafter.

Q:  It has been over 20 days, is my package lost?

A: For our international customers, we like to state confidently that it is a very rare situation for a package to get lost in transit. Packages do get delayed in transit for reasons beyond our control, however contact us with your thoughts and questions and we will do our best to ease your concerns.

Q:  I only received my tint (or installation kit) and I am missing the other part?

A: We ship out most precut tint packages separately from our installation kits. The reason is that it is easier for the courier to handle the two separate odd shaped packages and this results in lower shipping damage. Please allow a little more time to receive the missing items.

Q:  I ordered two separate tint kits, but only received one?

A: Every individual parcel will arrive in it's own separate mailing tube. Most times these packages will ship out at the same time, however during transit they may separate and at that point they will not arrive at the same time. Please allow a little more time to receive the missing item.